Being behind the wheel for the first time is not for the faint of heart. That’s probably why, despite how easy a driver’s test is, some people still fail repeatedly. Not only is that embarrassing, it’s a waste of time and money. Each driving test cost £62, on average, so if you fail, you’re wasting another £62 that you are not sure you’ll pass the second time. You also have to wait another two weeks to redo it, but if nothing changes from how you took the test before and how you’re taking it now, it could be a year a way and you will still fail.

To make sure that never happens to you, book driving lessons with the best driving school in Nottingham. Driving School in Nottingham specializes in making new drivers grasp the concept and practice of taking charge of the wheel in the short amount of time.

A typical driving test has 5 parts:

  • Checking your eyesight
  • Questions regarding vehicle safety
  • General driving ability
  • Reversing your car
  • Driving independently

We will get you through all of them by putting you through real driving situations that could come up on the test.

These skills are also going to come in handy for when you start driving on your own. Preparing you means letting you drive through varied roads and traffic conditions – rain or shine, on an open road or through congested roads. This also includes learning different ways to pull over, from the usual to beside another vehicle. You will even learn how to handle emergency stops seamlessly and without causing harm to pedestrians or other vehicles.

Probably one of the trickiest parts for new drivers is reversing. It’s hard enough driving with the road in front you, but now, the test expects you to master reversing as well. There are even different areas where you have to reverse, like a street corner or when you’re asked to try reverse parking. These are skills you definitely cannot wing, and are easier to learn if a pro teaches you do it repeatedly. That way it becomes more instinctive that rehearsed, which the common mistake the rookie drivers make.

We credit our success to three things that not every driving school can offer you.

  • Instructors who have both the technical driving knowledge that your need to pass the driving test and the experience to make sure actually turn out a good driver even past the exam.Our instructors are locals of Nottingham and know the best places to teach rookie drivers the skills that’s required of them to pass, and they also have all had years of working with other students under their belt to make this easy and comprehensible for you.
  • Modern and a variety of cars to choose from they range from small to bigger cars, and are of varying model. You can choose depending on whichever you’re comfortable with or what type of car your want to better understand driving.
  • Tailor fitted lesson plan which covers all aspects of the driving test. What we promise a business is to do everything we can so you will pass your driving test. That’s why, apart from the basics that each instructor teaches, we personalize the lessons we give depending on what you need to improve on and what you’ve already mastered. We’re also open to doing driving theory tests with you, along with the lessons.
  • Open 7 days a week We make sure that we are accessible and available for you whenever you want to take your lessons. On average, every student takes 47 hours to really learn how to drive. Unlike other driving schools, we let your craft your own schedule, so it’s easier for you to stick with. You can take them over the weekend, 10 hours each, until you’re ready or a couple of hours daily after class. It’s up to you. To really cater to your needs, we’ve made intensive driving lessons for drivers who are looking to learn and pass in a really short amount of time. This program is unique in the market, and therefore, gets booked really quickly. If you’re thinking of enrolling to this one, make it fast because slots to don’t last long.
  • Cost effective, with introductory discounts for new clients We understand that most new drivers are probably looking for the most affordable classes they can take. Some of enroll in haphazard driving schools because of that, but we don’t want you to make that compromise. We’re offering really good quality lessons that are sure to make you pass at a fraction of the cost. No, there’s no catch. Driving School in Nottingham is simply committed to teaching more new drivers what it really means to drive.

Your goal in the test is to make at most 15 driving faults. These are all minor mistakes that are not dangerous to anyone or anything. Most new drivers, because they’re eager and were not briefed thoroughly, don’t even make dangerous or serious mistakes – both of which earns a driver a failing mark, they make too many minor mistakes that could have been avoided. If they had someone going through this with them, letting them learn the ways of the road by instinct, they would have passed with flying colors.

This is the kind of guidance that Driving School in Nottingham offers all its new drivers. We don’t just make sure you pass. We’ll make sure your test official will give you the easiest passing mark he’s given. The reason we’re so confident is because we’ve perfected this program. Driving School in Nottingham has the best instructors, the flexible hours and a hands on lesson plan that has not failed any of our students.