How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time
March 31, 2017
Part Trained
March 31, 2017

You are thinking about taking driving lessons because you would love to pass your driving test and get your driving licence. Sure enough as soon as your get your licence your life is never going to be the same again. Today you are reliant on public transport and lifts from friends, and from time to time that is fine but it will never compare to having your own car.

Once you are able to drive there are many opportunities which are presented to you, the most obvious of which is getting out and doing more. From seeing more of your family to going on weekend road trips with your friends, driving your own car is an amazing feeling and a bit of a luxury we all love.

However, once you have your driving licence more job opportunities will become available to you, simply because you can drive to that location. A place of work just 15 miles away could mean 2 hours of travel on 3 different busses, but with having your own wheels you could make it in 20 minutes! There is no way you will be applying for jobs where you need to catch 2 or 3 busses and spend a couple of hours getting there, but with a car, life is so much different.

Our beginner driving lessons are pretty cool. Actually, you do not want to be a beginner for very long. What you would love is to be driving around like a real driver, getting ready for your test. We have all seen beginners, stopping and stalling on their first lessons and you want to get beyond that very quickly.

So, on your first lesson you will be driving and our first big target is to get you driving home for the first time and what an occasion is that! Soon we’ll have you ready for your test and you will be delighted having joined our driving school.

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