Cheap Driving Lessons

Cheap Driving Lessons in Nottingham

We are going to show you how to save over £500 on passing your driving test, so if you are looking for cheap driving lessons in Nottingham you are going to learn how to save a small fortune. There are actually lots of cheap driving schools in Nottingham but at most, with a bit of luck you could save £50 to £100…

Aspects to Save in Driving Lessons

There are three aspects to saving £500 and truly receiving cheap driving lessons in Nottingham and a lot of it is common sense. Before we discuss that, special deals are not cheap! They may look cheap but you need to realise it costs a school around £10 an hour to run, so if your lessons are £10 an hour on some cheap deal…well you can work out the problem easily!


Learn to Drive in an Average Hours

The average number of hours to pass the driving test is said to be 47, that’s 47 hours with a professional driving school in Nottingham along with another 20 hours of private practice, say with a parent. The reason why the number of hours is so how is because many people skip lessons and only take an hour a week. Imagine taking an hour a week or missing weeks, what is going to happen? Of course, you are going to forget stuff and the shorter the lesson and the longer the gap in between lessons the more you forget. In fact you could spend 30 minutes trying to recap and get back up to standard.

Let us assume though you need half that time to recap and get back to the standard you are at, just 15 minutes. It means that for every 4 hours of lessons you are throwing away one hour of tuition. Crazy! Our recommendation is your lessons are for 2 hours and try to take a lesson every 3 to 4 days. You may need to save up but you will save a lot of money. Using our approach could save you in the region of £300.

However by using that method you will not need to take private practice and that is pricey! Think about insuring a family car, putting fuel in it and paying for the depreciation such as tyres, scuffs to the alloys, the clutch, gears and not to mention the brakes. You could easily be spending £30 a week. £30 a week does not appear to be a lot of money, but take that over just 3 months of training and you are nearly at the £400 mark.

Combined, using our strategy for cheap driving lessons in Nottingham you could save in the region of £700. If you think we talk sense, have never seen help like this before and want to save that sort of money, the get the right type of cheap driving schools in Nottingham and phone us today.