Driving Lessons

The time has come for you to pass your driving test and right now you are looking for the best driving lessons in Nottingham and the best driving schools in Nottingham, but don’t you they all look pretty much the same, it is really hard to distinguish the level of quality.

Assuming you are like any learner driver you are going to want a few things from the driving school you choose, here is a quick list…

The Best Driving Lessons in Nottingham Will help you…

  • 1. Pass your driving test at the first attempt.
  • 2. You won’t be ripped off and made to take too many driving lessons in Nottingham.
  • 3. Driving schools in Nottingham want to be a lot of fun; you want an enjoyable and stress free experience.

The problem you have though is trying to work out which school is going to be the best one for you. What you will usually do is pick up the phone, ask a few questions about pass rate, current driving lesson prices in Nottingham, how many driving lessons in Nottingham are you going to need, and maybe ask about their pass rate.

Even the best question you ask which is about their pass rate doesn’t mean you can be sure if this driving school in Nottingham is right for you, statistics can be smudged – right? Now we know we offer a great service, but we have to prove that to you and we are going to prove we are the right school to help you pass your driving test by providing you with the right questions you need to be asking any driving instructor in Nottingham.

Driving Lessons in Nottingham – What To Expect

On average it will take you around 47 hours to pass your driving test and that is when you are having some private practice as well. Private practice can be a really good thing but when doing this please work in conjunction with your driving school. On your first driving lesson the instructor should be giving you a pupil record card, otherwise known as a progress report card or a learning to drive syllabus.

This pupil record card will detail all the skills you will need to learn and make a record of your ability for that skill. If you are taking private practice it is good to go over the areas you are not so confident with in order to get used to the skill and increase your confidence.

We advise that you revise and pass for your theory test as soon as possible, ideally within the first month of learning to drive. As soon as you have passed your theory your instructor can help you to book in the practical test and schedule in the lessons you need to become test standard.

Taking lessons regularly, one a week as a minimum, 2 a week as an ideal will help you retain your focus. Where as skipping lessons and leaving long breaks in between your driving lessons will lead to you forgetting what you have learned and that will only lead to needing more lessons and that will cost you money.

On your very first driving lesson in Nottingham you will need to take your provisional driving licence, payment for the lesson if you have not already pre paid and we recommend you where comfortable clothes and footwear. Avoid wearing anything too tight, too short, and stay away from high heels or flip flops, standard shoes or a pair of trainers are ,more than fine.

So, as you see, we have an array of options to provide you with
the best driving school in Nottingham!


  • 1. Did you know all driving instructors in Nottingham have received a grade to determine how good they are? Ask for their grade.
  • 2. Ask when the instructor last received their grade because if it was a few years ago it may now be obsolete.
  • 3. Ask what training has the instructor taken since their last grade in order to maintain and improve their standards.
  • 4. Learning to drive is about being a safe driver. The current driving test doesn’t cover important issues such as motorway lessons, driving at night or bad weather, therefore check the website to see if the driving school in Nottingham covers Pass Plus. If they do not you need to ask the question “are they serious about safety”?
  • 5. Ask the instructor if they have qualified. Did you know that some people are allowed to offer lessons without being fully qualified? They are known as PDIs and are trainees, there is nothing wrong with using a trainee but their skills and experience will be different to that of someone who is fully qualified, therefore you may expect the price of the lesson to reflect their statues.
  • Just by asking these 5 questions you can stop relying on gut feeling and get real answers to find out who is going to be the very best option for you.

You will be driven away from your collection point and allowed to start in a quieter area of the city, free from traffic, so you can get going! In only a few minutes you will be driving and we’ll be working on your next big milestone – driving home.

We have the skills it takes to help you pass your driving test, so pick up the phone and give us a call today.