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March 31, 2017

If you have been with another driving school and been failing your driving test, the chances are you have been feeling pretty bad about the overall experience. Sometimes you blame the instructor but most of the time you blame yourself; however it probably wasn’t your fault.

You think you failed for speeding, or jumping a red light or something else similar to that, but in fact you didn’t. You may think you failed because you were nervous, and in fact, nope, you didn’t fail because of nerves…you failed because you were not ready.

In a poll taken in Facebook among driving instructors, when asked the question, what is the is the biggest reason for failing the most common answer was nerves. However, if you ask the DVSA; nerves is not even in their top 10 reasons…

Would it surprise you that 50% of all tests end in a fail? So when we say “failing isn’t your fault” we mean that. The fact is some schools do not know how to teach you properly. If you had completed the learning to drive syllabus, passed a mock driving test and was proven to you that you could drive without any help, would you had been nervous?

If you were taught how to drive safely, you would have never had made those mistakes because you would be detecting your faults as you drove. Perhaps what you have been taught to do is drive, what you haven’t been taught to do is understand how to drive safely and that is what is needed to pass the test. Anyone can drive, literally anyone. It’s not hard is it? But being a safe driver is a different question.

All you need to do is pick up the phone. Tell us about your learning experience. Let us know what happened on your test. And by the end of the phone call we’ll have you seeing daylight and feeling a lot more positive.

Call us today.

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