Part Trained
March 31, 2017
Driving Test Rescue
March 31, 2017

You have already taken the big steps on how to learn to drive and have probably developed some pretty nifty driving skills, however you are not to test standard. You recognise you need more practice with what you have learned so far and there are more skills you need to learn.

The last thing you want, and it just will not be right for you, is to start all over again as a beginner. Not only will you be bored but you will be wasting money on skills you are already competent with. It’s not that you don’t mind making sure your skills are polished up but you are at a better standard than that.

Our part trained course is going to save you time and money. Why? Simple because the part trained course is built on the skills you already have. In fact after the driving lesson is finished you will be presented with a special set of driving lessons tailored just for your needs. You will not be covering the things you are good at, and we’ll soon get you up to speed with the skills you need to learn.

In the event that you have already passed your theory test we will also look into booking your driving test. Finding the best date. And then scheduling in the lessons you need so you are ready to impress the examiner.

In a nut shell that is our part trained course and you need to phone us today because we book up pretty quickly.

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