How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time
March 31, 2017

All learner drivers without question want to pass the driving test at the first attempt. It’s not just pride, it’s not just money and the cost of extra driving lessons and another test if you fail, the big issue is confidence and nerves. Failing your driving test is a bit of a kick in the teeth because you can start to ask yourself if you are good enough and that can put a lot of pressure on your life.

Today, and right now you are going to learn what it takes to pass your driving test at the first try and it all starts with understanding what the driving examiner is trying to achieve. Your examiner is a government official from the DVSA and they will be recording your mistakes. Many examiners have never been instructors and can be very rigid in their approach.

Passing the driving test is all about being a safe driver. What we need to do is understand what it takes to be a safe driver and we do that with these 4 factors.

  • 1. At all times you will be observing the Highway Code.
  • 2. You will drive with attention and attitude of a safe driver.
  • 3. You will need to be able to pick out hazards, just like you did on your theory test and then be able to avoid or eliminate the hazard.
  • 4. You have to demonstrate you are in control of the vehicle at all time.

Ok, so that’s what it takes to be a safe driver. What if, just what if, we were able to teach you those factors on every skill you learned. On every lesson we gave to you we would include those factors in your driving. Imagine yourself not learning to drive but being coded or programmed to automatically driver that way.

Whether you are doing the first skill, moving off and stopping, or the most Important skill, the emergency stop, imagine being able to blend those factors into your driving. Can you see yourself being a safe driver? Of course you can.

It is these skills which will keep you safe and it is these skills which will help impress and convince the driving instructor you are ready for your full driving licence because you can drive without assistance. It is also important for you to be aware that these skills will allow you to self-diagnose your driving. You will be able to ask of yourself if you are driving safely and if you could do things in a better way.

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